How to fall in love again, this time with Yourself!

Jan 12, 2022 | Uncategorised

Some of you know that I am deeply interested in everything that revolves around purpose and impact and I am constantly seeking to learn and dream. It’s not surprising that “Input” is one of my top 5 Gallup strengths which makes me passionately curious about learning! In this quest, and with these extraordinary events unfolding due to Covid-19, I had the amazing opportunity to meet another dreamer Dipika Trehan, a true pathmaker who is inspiring women to fall in love again, this time with themselves. I think that all it takes is to find the light that shines within you and illuminate the path for yourself and others along the way.

Dipika Trehan has created a unique platform that celebrates women for their strength, substance and intellect. #CorporateDiva #thehowforum.  I was pleasantly surprised to be interviewed by Dipika before I was chosen to be one of the 16 finalists for the exciting virtual CDx chapter and explore a very relevant theme “Opportunity in Adversity”. I knew instantly that this was going to be special.

Thank you Dipika and Heena for creating a space of trust and openness! Grateful to the amazing speakers and jury who brought so much wisdom and experience in their sessions. I was deeply touched with their authentic and generous sharing. We are a tribe and cant wait to meet on the other side of Covid -19.

I have had time to reflect and here are a few of my insights from the various learning sessions: 

  • I am viewing “change’ as my secret weapon and continue building strength and resilience in these tough times. I am certain this crisis will make me stronger and I am grateful we are ‘safe at home’. I have taken time to pause and ditch perfection
  • I gained financial literacy and awareness about managing finances at the other side of this Crisis. It was powerful to gain clarity and a plan to have financial freedom.
  • Working from Home? Overwhelmed? Of course, yes! Exploring brilliant ways to work through this starting with clearing my brain closet! Finding time to just breathe am grateful that I can work from home!
  • What is My Story? What is my brand.. hmmm there is some work here but I have got started. It was a brilliant to learn ways to have a relevant and compelling brand.
  • Am I Inventive? Powerful questions that helped me reflect on my risk appetite and inventive thinking. And fortunate to have this time to rethink how I will be working in the future.

This experience will remain etched in my memory. While this pandemic has brought change and chaos to our lives, throughout history, we have seen that crises like this do not just test our resolve. They can also build our resilience. I know that we are not alone and I have my tribe! I hope you too can experience the magic of #CorporateDiva!