Interact Consulting

Engage, Inspire, Transform!


Interact /ɪntərˈakt/ to connect

Connection is at the heart of every successful endeavor, whether it comes through looking inward and connecting with yourself or outward with personal connections in your relationships.

Farah started the company in 2006 with a belief that everyone has the potential to make a difference and our role is to inspire change and realise this potential.

Our mission is to help leaders grow personally and professionally so they can become the brave new leaders of the future.

We create transformational experiences for people through Process Facilitation, Coaching and Training. Our passion is to support you and your leaders to embed leadership development into your culture. This will help bring about the change we want to be and see around us!

We are based in Bangalore, India but work globally and often virtually. We have in-depth experience in multiple industries and work across all layers of an organization. We have a network of highly qualified partners and collaborators, with diverse backgrounds and experience, who bring a universal passion for making a difference through facilitation, coaching and training.



To help you think and work more effectively together, let us help you to design an event or meeting that exceeds everyone’s expectations. We bring facilitation process, skills and techniques to enable more productive meetings, retreats and workshops.


To challenge you to rise to challenges and up your game, engage their inner strengths and draw upon your talents and life experiences. We support and empower you as you clarify and create personal and professional goals and follow through with a strategy to achieve those goals. We take a strength-based approach to coaching and pride ourselves on make life-changing impact on people


To help clients and organizations accelerate their effectiveness by developing leading-edge capabilities and skills to succeed personally and professionally. We design and customize trainings in leadership, diversity and inclusion, cross cultural collaboration and managing through change


Farah draws on more than 25 years of practical experience across various geographies and sectors.  As Founder of Interact Consulting, a Certified Professional Facilitator (IAF) and Executive Coach (ICF), Farah delivers bespoke facilitation and coaching programs that enable strong and sustainable results in the area of leadership development, cross cultural competence, personal brand mastery and excellence. She is serving on the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) Global Board as Regional Director for Asia.

Her approach is focused on helping leaders lead with purpose and authenticity and enhance their leadership potential. Her facilitation assignments have been in India, Middle East and South East Asia.